Single Tooth Implant

What Is A Single Tooth Dental Implant?

Dental implants are a great alternative for those who are missing one or more teeth. They are long-lasting and can be customized to match your natural teeth, resulting in a seamless and gorgeous smile. A single-tooth implant is a dental implant operation performed to replace a single lost tooth. Your dentist will place a titanium post into the jawbone of the missing tooth to replace the root. In the instance of a single tooth loss, a dental crown is then fitted over the titanium post.

A single dental tooth implant is an excellent choice over a fixed bridge supported by teeth. It replaces a single tooth without jeopardizing the health of the adjacent teeth. A single implant is also less difficult to keep clean than a dental bridge. We provide emergency dental implant repair at the Smile Transformation Center so you don’t have to live with a lost tooth or dentures that don’t fit properly.

A single-tooth dental implant is made up of a screw-shaped titanium implant that is inserted into the jawbone, as well as an abutment that connects the implant to the dental crown or bridge. The dental crown is the most apparent component of the entire procedure.

How does a dental implant procedure work?

The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with us.  We’ll examine your mouth, take diagnostic X-rays, and talk about your medical and dental history to determine if you’re a good candidate for dental implants. A specific quantity of bone is required to sustain the implant. The good news is that in most situations, the bone may be regenerated utilizing a bone transplant prior to the dental implant process; however, this will naturally increase the treatment duration.

Follow-up appointments after dental implant surgery

Brushing and flossing are used to care for dental implants in the same way that natural teeth are, and it’s also vital to attend follow-up visits so your dentist can examine the health and stability of your dental implant, gums, and bone. Maintaining good dental health and visiting your dental implants dentist on a regular basis is critical for long-term implant success. A dental implant may last a lifetime if properly cared for, so it’s well worth the price.

Our dental staff has years of expertise installing dental implants in Glendale and can offer you the best treatment possible. We have the experience and skills to assure the success of your treatment, whether you require a single dental implant or several implants.

If you are having problems with an existing dental implant, we also provide dental implant repair in Glendale AZ. We urge you to book a consultation with our staff if you are ready to change your smile with dental implants in Glendale AZ. We have tied up with most PPO insurances such as Delta Dental, Aetna and more. Click here to check the insurances we cover. So don’t let missing teeth or implant failure hold you back any longer. Call the best dentist in Glendale and book an  appointment to begin your journey toward a beautiful, healthy smile.

Dentist Follow up


Post dental implant surgery – Follow up visits

Dental implants are cared for in the same way as your natural teeth with brushing and flossing, and similarly, it’s important to attend follow-up visits so your dentist can check the health and stability of your dental implant, gums, and bone. For long-term implant success, it’s crucial to maintain good oral health and visit your dentist regularly. With proper care, a dental implant can last a lifetime, so it’s well worth the investment. We also specialize in other cosmetic dentistry such as All-on 4 implants if you are missing more than one teeth. Visit our dental clinic in Glendale to inquire more about our services and insurance plans. 

Insurance accepted

We will be glad to file a predetermination for you to verify coverage of any necessary dental treatment. We accept most PPO insurances.

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